Friday, 6 November 2009

Brian & Eileen - 9.6.2009 - Santa Barbara CA - Richard Photo Lab

I was extremely flattered when Brian asked me to photograph his wedding. Brian is the owner of Richard Photo Lab in LA, which in my opinion, is the best lab in the US if not the world. The pressure was on as I know that all the film (even the deletes) would be seen by him and the whole crew of folks who attended this wedding who work at Richard Photo Lab as well. Brian surprised me at my last workshop out in Park City with a box full of proofs from all the images. This is before ANY edits. I was so nervous as all of the attendees were there and I NEVER show unedited work, EVER. To my surprise, everything (even files I ended up deleting) looked so great in print. There is something to say about having an actual print as opposed to looking at a file on a computer screen. The color, contrast, saturation, everything straight out of camera and from their scans was seriously mind-blowing. If you shoot film all the time, some of the time, or every once in a blue moon, I can not recommend more sending your film to Richard Photo Lab to be processed and scanned. I have taken a couple tours of their facility and it is absolutely amazing what they do to keep film alive. They make shooting film so easy. Shoot, send it off to them and that is it. There is no hours sitting behind a computer to make the images look good. They look good as is and I love that. So here's to Richard Photo Lab.

You can view the whole event and order prints HERE.

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