Sunday, 17 October 2010

FUJI FP-3000B - The Knorp Boys

These guys just moved neighbors we've EVER had.

Some geeky tech info.

This was shot on my Contax 645 with a polaroid back on FUJI FP-3000B. That being said, when you shoot 6x4.5 format on pack film for medium format, your image area is SUPER small. There is a ton of the instant film wasted. So, how did I get this full frame? Scan it on my Epson flatbed 4990 like normal as a document. Then in Photoshop invert the image, flip the canvas horizontal, thus giving me the "positive" image. However, when I scanned it, I scanned it 4x the normal size. Then make a copy of the image but only smaller (regular scan 3.25x4.25 @ 800dpi), then in the original, select the image area and stretch the canvas to fit inside the smaller border area and bam, you get a "full frame" image. You can kind of see the black area around the image on the bottom and right but had I not pointed it out, would you have noticed? I love my Polaroid 600SE, BUT I am very limited in what I can do with that camera (no close focusing, it is a range finder, fastest f/stop is f/4.7 etc). I have all the control of my Contax now on FP-3000B, ie I can shoot f/2, I can shoot up to 1/4000th of a second. The only thing that I can't do is handhold as slow as I do on the Polaroid (1/2 sec no problem where the Contax is 1/30th max). Plus that polaroid back for my Contax? Under $30. So you don't need to have a Polaroid 600SE, use the cameras you have, get creative, and problem solve :).

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