Friday, 24 September 2010


The first session of Seattle sold out rather quickly leaving a handful of peeps/northwestern-ers, and everywhere for that matter, without a spot for the Seattle workshop July 18th-20th 2011.

So, a second session has now been opened. Here are the details:

When: July 25th-27th
Where : At the LightBankStudio
What : FILM : who, what, when, where, why and how! Loving family formals. Story telling through details. Instaproofs and how it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The power of a blog. Getting published. Off camera flash with film. Finding your own voice/vision and making it your own. Please visit (SEE PAGE 5) for more details.
Cost : $2000 (various payment plans have been created)
Who : 14 attendees

If you are interested in attending the workshop in Seattle on the 25th-27th, drop me a line HERE.

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