Friday, 3 September 2010

Our miracle baby...

{music by Explosions in the Sky - "Your Hand in Mine"}

The video above was made for the presentations I made @ Skip's Summer School in Vegas and the WPPI Road Trip in Sacramento.

This was definitely a super scary time in our life. We were told that Weston would not be breathing, and would require immediate surgery (thus being passed through the window to the team of surgeons in the other room). He, however, came out screaming, and even though he was in and out of Primary Children's hospital the first year of his life, he is completely, and 100% normal now. I'm not very good with words but I can say this, looking back on this, I would not have had it any other way, good and bad. It has made our family what it is today, nothing short of amazing. And I'm proud to say, this little dude has started to take his first steps :).

The last shot in this video is of the 2 doctors who delivered Weston. The one on the right is a past bride of mine.

It all comes full circle.

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