Friday, 4 June 2010

Damien Jurado in SLC - FUJI FP-3000B

Last night, I was in a dream.

This dream consisted of me, my good friend Ryan Tanner, and Damien Jurado and his wife Sarah. In the dream, I got to see Damien play an in store concert for free @ Slowtrain in downtown Salt Lake City. And after that set, my dream had me in an alley way with my FUJI GF670 and 10 rolls of Ilford HP5 from my friend Ricci's. I remembered in my dream to push the film to 3200 to get the grain I wanted. After our photo session, Ryan, me, Damien and his amazing wife Sarah headed over to Whole Foods. This is where I know I must be dreaming, because the last place I'd eat dinner is Whole Foods. We then continue to have the most amazing conversation of analog vs digital in the realm of music, and the conversation was started by Damien. We talk of being artists with families, our constant drive to create, and the delicate balancing act of being a husband, father and a creative. After what seemed to be the best dinner conversation I've ever had in my life, we head over to the Urban Lounge to hear him play with a full band and then solo singing some of the most amazing new music off his new album Saint Bartlett.

I woke up this morning and with this stack of negs from my Polaroid 600SE shot on FUJI FP-3000B, I realized, that was no dream. Quite honestly, one of the best nights of my life.

If you don't know who Damien Jurado is, go watch this first, and then dive head first into his music. His music is completely responsible for various bodies of work I've created and is definitely an inspiration behind the Lehi body of work I'm working on right now.

The film gets sent off to Richard Photo Lab tomorrow and I'll have it back soon enough...and that will be a completely different post.

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