Friday, 26 March 2010

Film is Not Dead - V. 4.0 Testimonial - Amelia Johnson

To describe attending The Film Is Not Dead Workshop in just a few mere paragraphs is kind of like trying to put on a girdle that is four times too small; itʼs insufficient! I have known Jonathan from two perspectives, as his client and as his student. I once sat as a callow bride-to-be before Jonathan and asked, “Why film?”

Upon searching for a wedding photographer I asked some friends for suggestions. I made it clear that I needed an Ace. “Jonathan Canlas” was of course the response. I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan from a clientʼs seat, then as a fellow photographer. I have seen both sides of Jonathan and I can say that the Man is an
absolute Genius.

After the first day of the Workshop, I called my fabulous husband and said, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am frightened to think of having not ttended. I feel like my life is changing.” I felt like gravity no longer applied to me. I felt pure delight during every moment of lecture and shooting. Jonathan answered all of my questions and left me blown away at his prowess. A veil of ignorance, having long loomed over me, obscuring my vision, quickly slipped away, like a master pulling a cloth out from beneath a house of cards.

I have often read comments on The Blog that praise Jonathanʼs artistic ability and nonpareil vision. What people fail to realize is that this man is a double-edged sword! His stunning talent is equal to his business sagacity. I have been in the arts for a very long time and I have met many talented artists whose abilities sink into anonymity for the shear reason that they are not business people. Talent, unfortunately, does not always add up to success. Jonathan has bridged the gap between artistic genius and business know-how. Jonathan is a business Mastermind. He shared key insights that were nothing short of brilliant.

The information obtained at Jonathanʼs workshop was astounding. Crisp, clear,
simple and yet revolutionary. My fingers felt arthritic as I frantically typed his every word. The Film Is Not Dead Workshop is nothing short of life-changing. His seminar was a tornado of life-changing information, sweeping us to greater heights.

As Jonathanʼs pictures have a “Thatʼs so Canlas” quality to them, I had expected to learn a mountain about his style of composition, his manner of posing. I was delighted and surprised by Jonathanʼs goal, to help us discover our own style. He wanted us to refine our visions, and he gave us the tools to soar from there.

Jonathanʼs manner of teaching reminded me of economics. In economics, there is no one set subject, rather a vast array of tools to help one find answers to questions. Put yourself in the hands of a true master, and watch with wonder at what will unfold before you.

-Amelia Johnson

If you are ready for the "tornado of life-changing information" and want to get "swept away to greater heights", drop me a line. There are 3 spots left for San Diego and only a couple left for Park City!

And ps, Amelia, you are awesome.

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