Saturday, 13 February 2010

Lazarus - Fuji FP-3000B

I know, this photo is not really anything to write home about or all that aesthetically pleasing at all. BUT, the story behind them is AMAZING.

That little boy you see there in his parents arms, was DEAD for at LEAST 12 minutes. DEAD people. No heart beat, no breathing, nothing.

I won't go into many details as you can read all about it HERE, but that boy went home YESTERDAY 100% normal. Like nothing had even happened. We ran into them on our way to see Weston. My friend Natalie told them about us and they dropped off a goody basket full of folks who camp out in the PICU need (goldfish crackers, soup, crackers, candy etc).

To the WONDERFUL people up at Primary Children's who are performing miracles daily, and to the THOUSANDS of people who sent thoughts, prayers, you name it, to this boy and the other dozen of so kids up there right now with our Weston, THANK YOU.

Life is insanely delicate but it is also absolutely amazing.

Weston is SLOWLY but surely improving. Not much has changed, but that small amount changed is HUGE to us. More updates next week.

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