Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Best Email E.V.E.R.

This landed in my inbox on Monday and it really, really made my day and I thought I'd share it with all of you who read this blog:


You don't know me. I am just a blog stalker. I am not a photographer. I'm barely even artistic. Not even in the market to get my photos taken. Just a stalker.

But you should know that your work makes me happy. Really happy.

I just love looking at your work and you should know, from a complete and total stranger, that you are very talented. I love the way you see things and I love the way you capture every day moments and the details that we often miss. And most of all, I love the smiles you capture. Which I have to believe comes from a. your talent and b. you.

I just thought you should know, that a completely random stranger gets a smile on her face pretty much daily when she looks at your work.

Hope it's not weird, I just thought that I would want to know if my passion/work made someone else happy....

So, Thank You!!

No, thank you Janelle, and anyone else who reads/follows this blog. I post so much on this blog for the sole reason that Janelle wrote about, hoping that it makes other people happy.

My work is just that. I document the light found in people; people having fun, people in love, the love found in families, laughter (LOTS of laughter), and everything that goes along with being happy. And my wish is that you, the reader, are inspired in one way or another and feel just that, happiness.

So thank you Janelle, and all of you other readers. You made my day and here's to 2010 and more posts that will hopefully make you smile!

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