Thursday, 29 October 2009

Your regularly scheduled program...

So, if you read this blog, you know that without fail, you can expect new posts Mon-Sat. It has been that way for almost a year and a half. Yeah, I know, I shoot a lot :).

Well, I am in the process of moving into some new office spaces and I'll be traveling to Dallas for the Foundation Conference so there will be a small interruption in our regularly scheduled program.

Please bare with me as I get everything in order in my 2 new office spaces (HOORAY!) and while I am traveling. A new blog post will hit next week when we return to our regularly scheduled program.

Coming soon to a blog near you (THIS ONE):

1. Wedding in Santa Barbara
2. Wedding in Las Vegas
3. Wedding in Newport Beach
4. Westlake High School's 10th grade English class (SO RAD!)
5. COPIOUS amounts of Fuji FP-100B (instant film) shots taken on my new weapon of choice
6. Thai food shoot with my friend Veeda
7. Personal work from Bali
8. Personal work from Dallas
9. Family session in Napa
10. Bridals on top of a mountain

Not in any order, but know that the regular blog posts will be returning really, really soon. Thank you for your patience and thanks for reading!

*** If you recognize the image above, it is because I have posted it before. But I felt it was appropriate to re-post as I am playing catch up (that's my wife stealing a nap as the kids go crazy right behind me). And if you missed this original post, which is probably one of my most favorite personal work posts EVER, go HERE.

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