Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Abegg Family

I met Catherine serendipitously. I was going to Seattle to plan and do some ground work for FILM IS NOT DEAD Seattle and she contacted me out of the blue not knowing me from Adam, and asked if she could take us around town etc. From the second I got in her VW van, I knew this was not just some happenstance of meeting her. 2 peas in a pod, brother/sister from another mother, call it what you will. From that hangout, she not only helped organize all of FIND Seattle (there were 2 of them), but after it was over, I hired her as my workshop producer. She now travels all over with me and is a crucial part of the FIND workshop. It's funny to hear her call me her "boss" as I don't ever think of it that way. To me, she is family. And this shoot right here, which took place on my 10 yr anniversary headed back from FIND Vancouver down to Portland for a wedding, sums up everything it is that I do as a photographer. I capture the light, love and connections in people. So, here's to you Catherine, and your amazing family, who I consider to be my family as well.

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