Tuesday, 24 July 2012

England, through my eyes...

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Little know fact : I actually decided to become a photographer while living in London on a study abroad program in college. The year was 1999 and the only reason I went to said study abroad program is because my roommate at the time said they needed one more guy for the program or they'd cancel the guys coming. 6 guys, 40+ girls. Yep, I'm in. The curriculum was English, Sociology, and Art. Hello, I was a JAPANESE major. Made no sense, but off I went. During the 4 months I lived there, I shot over 300 rolls of 35mm film on a Pentax KX. Yes, 300 rolls of film. I was so broke it took another 6 months to get the film developed and back. From that portfolio, I applied for the BFA program at BYU and got accepted. One of these days, I'll dig out the slides that I submitted. So thank you England. For the kick in the pants to make this dream a reality.

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