Sunday, 10 June 2012

Life on a Fuji GA645

I traded somebody for this camera. I was super intrigued as 1. it is medium format 2. it has an on camera flash 3. it is completely automated as it is a point and shoot camera and 4. it is a range finder (what you see is not what you get). Basically, this is everything I wanted the Contax G2 to be but in medium format. It has a fixed 60mm lens (35mm on full fram dslr). And even though it is super automatic, there are manual settings on this camera which is how I shot this set of images. This is the first results back. I'm excited to use some of this camera at weddings/events with the flash. It has a unique look for sure. Just mixin it up. It is really great, compact go to/carry around with you camera.

It is my conclusion that Fuji made the most amazing film cameras. I own 3 of them (GF670, GX680, GA645, and I even had the GW690). Sadly, they make them no more.

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