Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Canberra Australia, through my eyes...

Sitting in the LAX airport waiting to board a plane to Brisbane. Thought it would be appropriate to publish images I took less than 5 months ago in Canberra. When I announced I was doing a workshop there, I got a handful of people asking me "why Canberra? what a boring place!". I beg to differ. It was absolutely breath taking and the people I met there blew my mind. Some of the most amazing people ever. The guy with the crazy beard? A man named Mouse who came out of a bar and drove me and my crew out into the forest to show us some Australian history and hospitality. I love Canberra. And I can't wait to see what happens in Brisbane next week for FILM IS NOT DEAD. 2012 FILM IS NOT DEAD is completely sold out. I'll be announcing dates/cities for 2013 in the next week or so along with a new website. Details coming soon. You can order prints for your walls HERE.

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