Sunday, 15 April 2012

Paia Tattoo Parlor - Carly Hilo and Albert Roig - FIND dedication

You might think it is crazy that these 2 Carly Hilo and Albert Roig decided to get FIND tattoos. yeah, it might be a bit, BUT the tattoo represents so much more than FILM IS NOT DEAD. It is the FIND mantra, of finding your voice, and never being stagnant. Of knowing it is your VOICE that sets you apart, not only photographically, from the sea of noise out there.

FIND in 2012 is almost sold out. There are 2 spaces left for San Miguel Mexico Nov 12th-14th and one spot opened up for FIND Boston June 11th-13th. Email me for details if you are interested in snagging up the last spots.

I will be announcing 2013 dates very, very soon.

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