Sunday, 6 November 2011

Kalani Simplicio Canlas

So, on Oct 6th, my birthday, Callie and I were out on date night. Having dinner at Porter's Place in Lehi. I was flying out the next morning at 6am to a flight to Atlanta for a wedding on Saturday. Well, during dinner Callie started feeling super uncomfortable. Now mind you, with our other kids, Callie has NEVER gone into labor, EVER. She was always induced or it was a scheduled c-section. She really did not even know what contractions felt like. I know, crazy. Well, we head over to my studio in Orem to grab my camera and to time how quick the contractions were happening, if indeed they were contractions. One call to the doctor and shazaam, off to the hospital we go. Best birthday present ever? Not quite. He was born a little after 1am. We hung out for a bit, and then I drove home, packed, and got on a plane to Atlanta :(. Got back home on Sunday in time to bring both my C(K)al's home.

Today, he is 1 month old. We blessed him on Saturday, the same day we baptized Isaac (CRAZY!). It's been one crazy month for sure and I must let you know, that my wife is literally and utterly amazing.

Kalani is a super healthy kid who does not do much other than sleep, eat, and poop.

More photos to come...

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