Monday, 4 April 2011

FILM IS NOT DEAD - Lahaina, Maui - Nov 14th-16th - 2 spots giveaway

So, FILM IS NOT DEAD is making one last stop in 2011. It is headed back to the rock where it all began 3 years ago. It is coming to Lahaina, Maui in November. It will be held at a private residence in Lahaina. Registration has not begun yet, because, well...


Yeah, you read right, I'm giving away 2 free spots FIRST.

How you ask?

Well, first, go HERE.

Then in 15 words or less, state why you should win one of the 2 spots up for grabs.

Contest ends on Monday 11:59PM MST.

After that, registration begins (next week Monday). This workshop is limited to only 10 people after the 2 spots are won.

So basically, 15 little words could quit possibly win you a spot worth $2000. Contest is for tuition only and winners are responsible for their own travel/accommodations.

Here is 411 on the workshop:

When: Nov 14th-16th 2011
Where: Lahaina, Maui at a private residence
WHAT : 3 days of hands-on-shoots (engagements, families, wedding couple) coupled with lectures each day. Each attendee will receive a 40 page workbook from FINAO with an accompanying DVD, which contains all topics covered during the workshop. Film provided by Kodak. Breakfast and lunch is provided all 3 days.
Cost: $1500
Topics to include: Film - who/what/when/where/why/how, Getting Published, Story-telling through Details, Loving Family Formals, Instaproofs - How it will change your life!, Making Every Event Publishable, Hands-on Flash Demo, Posing, The Power of a Blog, How to Define Your Vision and more...

All attendees receive some goodies from the fine folks over @ Richard Photo Lab & Instaproofs as well.

Alright, you got 1 whole week, choose your words wisely! Good luck everyone, aloha, mahalo, and I'll see 2 of you in Maui in Nov.

Again, you can enter the contest HERE.

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