Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Contax G2 Part III

Now, I can show you how this camera shines.

My dear friend, Heather, had a baby at the end of Oct. Everything went fine until the birth. Somehow, the doctors had missed some very major things. Their daughter Alyssa was born with a hole in her heart, 3 chromosome 18 deformities and the doctors were telling my friend Heather, they did not know how long she would last. Heather called me, and I rushed up to the hospital and took some shots for them.

Yes, I brought my Contax 645 and took the "pretty", soft photos. But I also brought the Contax G2 to do more reportive/photojournalistic shots as well.

These were all taken with the 21mm lens. I love how this camera makes me see the world. Very differently than I would with any other camera. Only this camera could have taken these types of shots. The film was some off brand bw color neg I bought off ebay for .95 cents a roll (yeah, that film is great, and super cheap).

Alyssa has since gone home to be with Heather and her family to enjoy what time they do have with their little girl. Thank you Heather for asking me to come and do this. Now all of you, close this browser and go spend some time with your family/loved ones. Life is so delicate.

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