Friday, 11 December 2009

A day in the life - Dainon Moody

Dainon works for XanGo and is who I travel with when they hire me to shoot for their Go Magazine. We've been to CT, AZ and most recently Toledo Ohio. Where I found out the meaning of "Holy Toldeo" is a reference to the bullet holes found in older building left from the gangs of the 30's.

The best thing about these trips would be a good tie between the amazing food we eat (thank you XanGo) and the list of ludicrous situations or scenarios that play out. And believe me, without fail, they happen every trip. That's just how we roll.

I believe as you read this, he is somewhere on the island of Kauai enjoying his frequent flyer miles.

Safe travels, Dainon.

{oh, and did I mention besides working for XanGo as a writer, he is the radest DJ in UT on KRCL 90.9?}

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