Sunday, 20 September 2009

Fuji Instax Mini 7

What is Instax you ask? It is an instant film made by FujiFilm. Polaroid may be dead, but the science of instant film is not. It like Kleenex, they are not the only makers of tissues for your nose :). Polaroid is just a name, which has now faded (MAYBE). The best thing about this film, it not only looking better than Polaroid in color/contrast/saturation, is that it is READILY AVAILABLE and in CURRENT PRODUCTION. No crazy bidding wars on ebay.

I got my hands on this camera new camera, the Instax Mini 7 in white and it took about 10 minutes to be completely addicted to it. I love, love, LOVE this camera. Don't get me wrong, the Instax 200 is a good camera as well, but is LARGE. What I love about this mini is:

1. smaller camera
2. uber Japanese looking
3. the photos are the size of a credit card and fit in your wallet (hello picts of my kids!)
4. more control in the exposure
5. focusing up to 1.8 ft
6. film is less expensive than the Instax 200
7. VERTICAL FORMAT! that's how i see the world anyway so it is uber convenient

This whole week I'll be posting (MULTIPLE POSTS DAILY) some shots I've shot on the Fuji INSTAX Mini 7.

Of course, the first thing I shot when I got this camera was, well, my kids.

Want to try one for yourself? Get one HERE. Did I mention it comes in a Hello Kitty version as well? Oh, you awesome Japanese people!

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